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'Revolution' Pulls In Patrick Heusinger In New Role

Actor appeared in 'Gossip Girl,' 'Black Swan'

What caused the blackout that forced humanity to live without electricity for more than a decade?

Producers for NBC's hit series "Revolution" are promising answers in the second season, which premieres in the fall. But first, they are revealing new blood.

Patrick Heusinger, who had been set to star in the NBC series "Beautiful People" if the network had picked it up, will join the "Revolution" cast in a recurring role.

His character Adam will be a "physically fit, handsome/roguish man who's cool, has a good sense of humor and lives life to its fullest," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Heusinger joins another recent cast addition, Jessica Collins, who made herself on the critically acclaimed but not very watched cable show "Rubicon."

Heusinger is a native of Jacksonville, Fla., and got his break in a recurring role on The CW's "Gossip Girl" in 2008 as Lord Marcus Beaton. He also appeared as Richard Gent in the 2010 film "Black Swan."

More recently he played Patch in the film "Frances Ha" and is set to appear in the upcoming television movie "Boomerang" with Felicity Huffman and Anthony LaPaglia.

"Revolution" is set to return Sept. 25 on its new Wednesday timeslot at 8 p.m. ET.

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