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Steven Bochco Goes Canadian With 'Evolution'

Could the series eventually end up on Syfy?

He loves creating police and medical dramas like "Hill Street Blues," "Doogie Howser, M.D." and "NYPD Blue." But can Steven Bochco create science-fiction?

Canadian producer Entertainment One says yes, and is investing in Bochco's new series, "Evolution."

Set 3 million years in the future centered around some ancient human knowledge that is unearthed (vastly affecting society around it), Bochco created "Evolution" with Bryan Law. It's not clear how many episodes will be produced upfront, but eOne -- behind shows like "Primeval: New World" and "Saving Hope" -- will handle international distribution outside of Canada.

That could very well mean a spot on Syfy, which already has a relationship with eOne through programs such as "Haven." No international pickups for the series has been announced, and filming likely wouldn't start until the fall at the earliest for what would likely be a Toronto-based production.

Bochco is a highly celebrated writer and producer. He has earned 34 Emmy nominations, winning 10. However, his last Emmy win was in 1995 for Outstanding Drama Series for "NYPD Blue," while his last nomination came in 1999 for the same show.

Since then his work has included "City of Angels," "Philly" and "Raising the Bar," all which have stayed clear of awards.

Law is a virtual unknown with a small group of shorts to his writing credit, and some acting roles is lesser-known productions.

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