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Lone Gunmen To Wrap It Up

Popular trio part of final filming for 'The X-Files'

The Lone Gunmen tried their own series, but in the end, they are part of the core of "The X-Files."

And now that ill-fated series will get its due wrap while "The X-Files" plans to do the same with its life on television.

Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund all are expected to make their return in the episode "Jump the Shark" which airs this Sunday night on Fox. It also will include appearances by "The Lone Gunmen" regulars Zuleikha Robinson (Yves Idel Harlow) and Stephen Snedden (Jimmy Bond) as well as "The X-Files" recurring character of Morris Fletcher, played by Michael McKean.

The episode, which rumors have reportedly the popular characters of The Lone Gunmen dying, was written by the "Gunman" show producers Vince Gilligan, John Shiban and Frank Spotnitz. It was directed by Cliff Bole.

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