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Davies: Johnny Depp Casting Report Is Utter Tosh

Former showrunner irritated by web rumor

If there was ever a man in Hollywood with the charisma, style and talent to play The Doctor in a big-screen adaptation of the popular BBC series, it would be Johnny Depp.

Regardless, the recent rumors that the actor would be entering the Tardis for a large-scale adventure have now been confirmed as being unfounded and untrue ... and have caused something of a stir behind the scenes of the long-running British series.

As Airlock Alpha previously reported, the original article that circulated the story was quickly removed from the web, suggesting that it was either a total fabrication or something that studio and talent representatives wanted to keep quiet. The report, which was apparently corroborated by, went as far to say that Depp had been cast in a big-screen version of the show, which was written by former showrunner Russell T. Davies.

"Johnny fucking Depp! Do you know what my life is these days? Someone sits in New Zealand, types out a fucking rumor and I spend the next three days dealing with that rumor," Davies told SFX. "What I get then is BBC Publicity e-mailing me, BBC Films publicity, BBC Wales publicity, all saying, 'Have you said this?' That then goes through BBC Worldwide and BBC America publicity, and I lose a fucking morning because of some chump typing shit! It drives me mad."

However, despite losing so much time quashing the reports, Davies did have a bit of a chuckle when the plot of the movie was finally revealed.

"My favorite bit in that rumor was, 'The Doctor's gonna go around curing Ebola in Africa,'" he said. "What sort of a plot is that? Can you imagine? In fairness, whatever chump that was typing that had a bit of imagination. Bonkers!"

Davies is currently working on the 10-part international adaptation of the "Doctor Who" spinoff "Torchwood."

About the Author

Alan Stanley Blair is the news editor for Airlock Alpha and assistant news editor for its sister site, Inside Blip. Contributing from his home in Scotland, he is currently studying for a diploma in freelance journalism and feature writing. He can be found on Twitter @Alanistic.
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