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'Caprica' Gets Second Season, Sources Say

Syfy looking to continue the Battlestar Galactica franchise, at least for another season

It looks like a second season for "Caprica," Syfy's critically acclaimed -- yet ratings-challenged -- series that chronicles the life of the Adamas and the Graystones more than a half-century before the events of "Battlestar Galactica."

With a long window of time between the first half of Season 1 and the second half -- which will air in January -- many fans were worried that ratings would take its toll on the high-concept show that stars an ensemble cast including Esai Morales, Eric Stoltz, Paula Malcomson, Alessandra Torresani, Polly Walker and Sasha Roiz. However, several sources tell Airlock Alpha that an announcement will be made next week.

Previously, sources said that if an announcement comes ahead of contracts expiring for the cast -- which is set in August -- it will be a green light for episodes. No announcement could mean doom.

"Caprica," however, may get a shorter episode order, Airlock Alpha was told. That could mean either 10 episodes (with a possible back-half pickup if ratings improve), or simply a 13-episode season, like what "Battlestar Galactica" got in its first season.

If a pickup is ordered, this would be a culmination of positive vibes the network has sent out about the show, despite it not reaching the audience levels many had anticipated. Despite it being more of a "grounded" series compared to its predecessor, "Caprica" remains one of Syfy's more expensive series to produce. However, because "Caprica" is an in-house production, Syfy's parent NBC Universal would benefit from alternative media sales including iTunes, DVD and more.

With a contract pickup for the actors, writing could begin as early as next month, with production likely getting underway next spring.

Syfy has been in no hurry to air the episodes, with yet another source telling Airlock Alpha that the show's high-end concept allows it to be treated more like a premium cable series, which can sometimes go a year or more between seasons or groups of episodes in a single season.

None of this has been confirmed by NBC Universal or Syfy, so it should be treated as any rumor would.

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