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NBC Universal is not ready to release the new trailer for its "Battlestar Galactica" massive multiplayer online role playing game until next week, but got a first look at the new trailer and is sharing it with gamers and science-fiction fans alike.

The game, which will be playable through a Web browser, is being developed by Bigpoint, is based on the Syfy reimagination of the series, not the original 1978 version, and features an epic battle between humans and Cylons.

The trailer is actually pretty cool ... unfortunately, it shows only a digital movie, and not any actual game play, so it's hard to get a handle of what this game will be like. And although the music is not Bear McCreary, at least as far as we can tell, it is Bear McCreary-inspired.

So take your first look at the new Battlestar Galactica Online, courtesy of