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Leonard Nimoy: I Am Spock ... No Longer

PLUS: 'Fringe' character, William Bell, will be his final role ... ever

He may have reprised his iconic role of Spock in the recent J.J. Abrams re-imagining of "Star Trek," but that's about as far as it goes for Leonard Nimoy.

"I dont see it happening," Nimoy told the Calgary Herald, referring to a possible return in future movies. "Im comfortable. Im not glad, Im not sad. I feel like Ive had a great ride with the character."

Nimoy, 78, first started in the pilots for the original "Star Trek" in 1964, making his involvement in the franchise some 46 years now.

"It's been a wonderful ride for me, and it's been great for my family," he said. "We got to do some very interesting work outside of 'Star Trek' because of 'Star Trek,' and I'm very satisfied."

Nimoy, who has become synonymous with the Star Trek branding, had enjoyed his retirement until J.J. Abrams and his long-time partners -- Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman - - paid him a visit regarding their pitch for the 2009 movie. During their discussions for the future of the franchise, it became clear that Nimoy was the starting point, and the weight of such a role was enough to coax the actor back into the spotlight.

Since then, Nimoy has enjoyed spending some time on another Bad Robot production, the Fox series, "Fringe," which has earned him critical praise. On the series, he plays the enigmatic Dr. William Bell, a character that was mentioned throughout the first season of the series and finally made an appearance in the Season 1 finale.

Bell is the CEO of Massive Dynamic, not to mention the former lab partner of Walter Bishop (John Noble), and has had a significant influence over the direction the series has taken.

How long will he stick around for? No one is really certain, but Nimoy has confirmed that Bell will be his last role on television ... and possibly his last role, period.

"Ive been doing it long enough, so I hope so," he said. "Ive had a great, great run and I have no unfulfilled dreams or aspirations."

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Alan Stanley Blair is the news editor for Airlock Alpha and assistant news editor for its sister site, Inside Blip. Contributing from his home in Scotland, he is currently studying for a diploma in freelance journalism and feature writing. He can be found on Twitter @Alanistic.
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