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New Stargate Films Written, Production Dates Not Set

Weak economy prevents greenlight of both movies

By Melissa Girimonte

Interest is piqued thanks to "Stargate: Universe," and the scripts have been written. But it may be some time until the next Stargate films come to life on DVD.

According to SciFi Wire, "Stargate: Universe" executive producer Robert C. Cooper has penned film scripts for both "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate: Atlantis" but with all efforts being placed on the launch of the new television series this fall, production of these have been put on hold.

"We're ready to go," Cooper said. "We're just waiting for the right opportunity."

In the past, "SG-1" straight-to-DVD films were a lucrative venture, with "Continuum" and "The Ark of Truth" boasting solid sales. The industry has been hit hard financially, posing a challenge to any new productions in the once-lucrative DVD premiere market.

"We want to be successful with it," Cooper said. "The studio wants to be successful, and we really don't want to proceed with something in the wrong climate, which I think financially it is right now."

Fans of the Stargate franchise can be rest assured that these films not being produced will in no way affect this fall's newest television offering, "Universe," as they are intended to be standalone features.

"The 'Atlantis' one takes place shortly after the end of Season 5," Cooper said."SG-1," in the meantime, "takes place sometime in an intermediary period when the 'SG-1' movies left off and when 'Universe' began."

The two-hour "Stargate: Universe" premiere airs Oct. 2 on Syfy.

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Melissa is a staff writer with Airlock Alpha as well as a Toronto-based freelance writer and TV blogger. TV is her passion and in addition to her own TV blog she has also contributed to several TV websites, and appeared on podcasts across North America.
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