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X-Files continues to falter

More bad news for Chris Carter and Fox as the season premiere continues

Whatever you do ... don't visit Chris Carter's office this week. He has just received more bad news about his show, "The X-Files."

Whether it be from the loss of David Duchovny, or just waning interest in the 9-year-old program, "The X-Files" appears to be on its way out scoring even lower ratings than its lackluster premiere last week.

According to Nielsen Overnight Metered Market ratings, the second half of "Nothing Important Happened Today" apparently was nothing important to watch either, as it earned a 7.1 rating/10 share, a significant drop from last week's 8.5/11 that had to compete with "Saving Private Ryan" on ABC.

Once a ratings winner for Fox, "The X-Files" showed the poorest ratings of any of the shows aired Sunday night. NFL coverage which overran into the 7 p.m. hour scored a 13.5/21 while "The Simpsons" earned a 9.9/14 and "Malcolm in the Middle" garnered an 8.9/13.

"The X-Files" wasn't the lowest point of the night, however, in the realm of television. "U.C.: Undercover" on NBC had a 5.6/9, "Dateline NBC" had only a 6.0/9 while "Alias" on ABC only managed a 7.0/10. "The X-Files" beat everything in The WB's lineup soundly, which averaged a very last place 2.8/4.

For the night, Fox was the winner again, powered by football and its top two shows, scoring a 10.5/15. It was followed by ABC (9.1/13, CBS (8.8/13) and NBC (7.1/11).

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