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From X(ena) to X(-Files)

It's a different game for Lucy Lawless, who is transitioning into her role

It's funny that no one seems to be talking to Gillian Anderson, or Robert Patrick, or anyone else on the cast. Well, no one except former "Xena: Warrior Princess" star Lucy Lawless, who debuts on "The X-Files" Nov. 11.

"My daughter is a mad 'X-Files' fan," Lawless recently told Sci-Fi Wire. "I obviously knew it was a huge cult show. And I'd watched it. I acutally based Xena, in the beginning, on Mulder (formerly played by David Duchovny)."

Lawless debuts in the ninth season premiere, "Nothing Important Happened Today," which will be shown in two parts. And she said the hardest part for her was to not carry Xena into the world of the American FBI.

"They had to keep reining me back during my episodes, because I was going, 'Where's the blood? Who do you want me to kick first?' And there was just none of that. 'The X-Files' is just a whole different style of acting. So it was a real learning curve for me, but they were tremendously generous and [are] just wonderful people."

Lawless also talked more at length about her time with "Xena" and her character's death in the finale over at Sci-Fi Wire. By the way, a director's cut of the series finale of "Xena" will air on the cable network Oxygen as a two-hour movie Nov. 3 at 9 p.m. ET. It will include 16 minutes of previously unseen footage.

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