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New Enterprise writers onboard

Rick Berman reveals some of the names to expect in the credits

It will be a new batch of writers for "Enterprise," including some faces rarely seen in the genre.

Executive producer Rick Berman talked to the official Star Trek Communicator in its latest issue that will be mailed out next week, providing some more insight on the creative staff behind the scenes of the new UPN series.

"We are in the process of putting a staff together," Berman said in the interview which was conducted earlier in the summer. "We have a number of writers that are in place right now. We have a woman named Antoinette Stella, [and] a guy named Fred Dekker. We have two teams of writers as well. We also have Andre Bormanis who has been working with us for years, but is on the writing staff now. We're all working very hard. Brannon [Braga, executive producer] and I have written one additional hour episode and the stories for three or four others, so we are putting the staff together slowly but surely."

Berman admitted that the character of T'Pol (Jolene Blalock) was in fact going to be a much younger version of T'Pau as seen in the original "Star Trek" episode "Amok Time."

"It was discussed as a possibility, but it was also determined that there were legalities that made it difficult for us to do so, so we decided against it."

And unlike it's predecessor (or in this case, its successors), the Enterprise herself won't have a prefix to her name.

"I don't think we're calling it the SS Enterprise. We're just calling it the Enterprise," Berman said.

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