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TV Watchlist: Fans Hope The Sky's The Limit

'Grimm' finale airs this week on NBC

As reported on Airlock Alpha last week, Syfy announced its long-running flagship series “Warehouse 13” will end after a fifth and final season of six episodes in 2014. Last week’s episode was quickly a fan favorite despite medium ratings. John-Paul Nikel did a fantastic job capturing the e ...

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Sci-Fi's Turkeys ... Just In Time For Thanksgiving

What were the eye-rolling duds of 2011 so far in this great genre?

It's time for Thanksgiving in America, celebrating the legend of New World settlers making nice with the natives who had possession of the land first. But really, it's about football and turkey. Since Airlock Alpha is a science-fiction site, you won't find much football here, unless William Sh ...

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NBC Renews 'Revolution,' Adds Rockne S. O'Bannon

PLUS: 'Grimm' gets a third season as well on Friday nights

Not that it should be a huge surprise, but NBC is putting some more faith into its new genre series "Revolution" by giving it a second season on the network. "Revolution," from "Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke as well as "Star Trek: Into Darkness" director J.J. Abrams, is set in the near future ...

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TV Watchlist: Castle Is Just Too Pretty To Die

Plus, Browncoats unite for a 10-year reunion

Rejoice! Jonathan Frakes directs this week’s MUST SEE episode where your attendance at Supernova Con is required during Nathan Fillion's voyage to the final frontier. Can "Castle" fans spot all the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Easter eggs? If you aim to misbehave, tune in on Sunday for the "Firefly 10th Anniver ...

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'The Cape' - Dice

The odds of chance do not always anticipate unexpected variables

This article may contain spoilers. If you could see the future, why would you leave anything up to chance? In the case of Tracey Jerrod (Mena Suvari), she is a quantum mechanics savant. She can predict the future based on the laws of probability on how physical objects react to one another. B ...

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'The Cape' - Scales On A Train

Mixing costume parties with superheroes and villains only leads to chaos

This article may contain spoilers. It was time for the Carnival of Crime to stir up a bit of trouble. And they did when they derailed Vince Faraday’s (David Lyons) plan to have Dominic Raoul a.k.a. Scales (Vinnie Jones) unmask Peter Fleming (James Frain) as the villain known as Chess during ...

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Sci-Fi On TV: My Thoughts on 'The Cape'

Ed Left likes NBC's attempt to get back into comic-book territory

Earlier this month, NBC brought "The Cape" to the airwaves. The premise is simple. Detective Vince Faraday is wrongly accused of murder and is believed dead. He adopts the costumed persona of his son's favorite comic book hero, The Cape. He is trained by the leader of the Circus of Crime, Ma ...

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'The Cape' - Kozmo

Not every battle is about money and power, sometimes it is just about a cape

This article may contain spoilers. In a funny twist of fate, "Kozmo" focused not on Vince Faraday’s (David Lyons) vendetta against Peter Fleming, a.k.a. Chess (James Frain), but rather in a tug-of-war for the cape itself. Apparently, Faraday is not the only one who sees the full value of su ...

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For NBC, 'The Cape' Premiere Not Too Shabby

It's the best Sunday in a while, and rating better than any other genre show

It's just two episodes old, yet the television viewing world wants to know: How long with "The Cape" last? It might be a little while, at least. Thanks to the network it's on. "The Cape" debuted to a 5.0 rating/8 share in Fast National overnight ratings from The Nielsen Co. Sunday. While it fi ...

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'The Cape' - Pilot/Tarot

A hero rises from the ashes to battle a villain corrupting the heart of a city

This article may contain spoilers. In an ambitious endeavor to borrow from some of the greatest comic book heroes and their stories, "The Cape" introduces its own hero, Vince Faraday (David Lyons) -- an honest cop unwilling to be seduced by corruption and ends up framed for murder. Thought to ...

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