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'Chuck' Stars: We're Hopeful About Renewal

Ratings are slipping but actors still believe a renewal is coming

During its first few seasons, "Chuck" always teetered on the verge of cancellation. But just when its future looked grim, the series would receive a pick-up order, securing it a place on the airwaves for another year. However, thanks to steady ratings and fan campaigns involving Subway sandwiches ...

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Tricia Helfer Enters '17th Precinct'

Number Six will reunite with BSG castmates

It looks like a "Battlestar Galactica" reunion is on its way ... too bad it will take place on another show. Tricia Helfer, who became an icon on Ronald D. Moore's revitalized series, has signed on for a role in Moore's lastest series, "17th Precinct" and will be starring alongside former BSG sta ...

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Cary Elwes Joins 'Wonder Woman'

Actor will join Adrianne Palicki and Elizabeth Hurley

The casting for NBC's adaptation of "Wonder Woman" is coming together and now actor Cary Elwes has signed on for a prominent role on the series. Elwes, who has appeared in "Saw" and "The X-Files," will play the CEO of Themyscira Industries and could potentially serve as a love interest for the la ...

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Vivian May Stick Around On 'Chuck'

Character will also struggle with her family legacy

Fans of the NBC spy action-comedy "Chuck" may be pleased to learn that another vixen could be joining the cast for a multi-episode story arc. Lauren Cohan's character Vivian was recently revealed to be the daughter of Timothy Dalton's evil Volkoff and series co-creator Chris Fedak has offered sub ...

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'Chuck' - Versus The First Bank Of Evil

Chuck and Sarah are going to become bank robbers but they are also going to the chapel and they're gonna get married

This review may contain spoilers. The First Bank of Evil plays a big part in this chapter of Chuck’s life but there are revelations for Sarah and Chuck that ultimately are much more important. For Sarah, who sometimes regrets the loss of her long gone innocence, there is a return to it. The ...

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Adrianne Palicki Is 'Wonder Woman'

'Lone Star' actress has a history of playing DC characters, including Kara Kent

The star search for the next Amazonian Princess has come to an end, with Adrianne Palicki landing the role of Diana Prince ... otherwise known as 'Wonder Woman.' During the casting process, the ideal actress for the role was described as a "muscular actress in her late 20s to 30s with flowing bla ...

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Ronald Moore, Jamie Bamber Reunite For '17th Precinct'

NBC pilot will blend the supernatural with crime drama

When "Battlestar Galactica" ended its four-year run, actor Jamie Bamber waved goodbye to America and returned home to the United Kingdom. While there, he took on headline roles on shows like "Law & Order: UK" and BBC's "Outcasts." Now, he's heading Stateside again to re-unite with his former ...

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'Chuck' - Versus The C.A.T. Squad

Homage has been paid to James Bond and the men from U.N.C.L.E. and now 'Chuck' gives a nod to 'Charlie's Angels'

This review may contain spoilers. Since Chuck’s past has been dug up and squared away, the powers that be have decided to give us a look at Sarah’s old team, the Clandestine Attack Team. It’s not a very good name but it does give us the “CAT” acronym. It also inspired Morgan to fantasiz ...

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'Wonder Woman' Will Wrestle With Three Identities

Every alter-ego will also have its own love interest

Adapting a DC comic property for the small screen is no easy task. But already "Wonder Woman" is receiving a mixed reaction from fans of the Amazonian Princess. And now the latest snippets leaking out about the series have given readers more reasons to worry. NBC has revealed that the new seri ...

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'Wonder Woman' Pilot Gets 'Caprica' Director

Jeffrey Reiner close to replacing McG on up/down David E. Kelley project

With McG no longer available to help out producer David E. Kelley in his "Wonder Woman" pilot for NBC, it looks like our Amazon heroine will get a boost from a strong name in the genre. Jeffrey Reiner -- who directed the pilot episode of the "Battlestar Galactica" spinoff "Caprica" as well as fiv ...

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