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Who Really Pushed To Have Nichelle Nichols On 'Star Trek'?

A new book provides a different perspective on Trek history

Gene Roddenberry sure liked to tell stories, especially if they were stories that helped inspire the underdog. So it's probably no surprise that even some of the stories the Great Bird of the Galaxy himself shared about the early days of "Star Trek" might have a taste of fiction to it. Not th ...

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First Look: New NBC Series 'Revolution'Series comes from J.J. Abrams in a world without power ... except political


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Struggling Networks Cancel 'Awake,' 'Secret Circle'

Both shows had good premieres, but struggled to keep audience

With the way both NBC and The CW are struggling to not only find an audience this year, but hold on to its audience from last year, it's been hard to predict where its schedule would end up. But now we know for sure: Fall will come without two more genre shows as NBC has cancelled "Awake" while T ...

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'Forbidden Planet's' Warren Stevens Dies At 92

Also appeared in 'Twilight Zone,' 'Star Trek' among others

Warren Stevens, who has appeared in more than 160 television shows and movies over the years -- including "Star Trek" and a pair of stints on "The Twilight Zone" in different decades -- has died. He was 92. Stevens was already a veteran character actor when he played Rojan in the 1968 "Star Trek" ...

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Kickstarter Campaign Earns Lawsuit Threat From Sony

'Inspector Spacetime' project will continue, but with new character and story elements

Travis Richey simply wanted to honor a piece of an NBC show that, in turn, was honoring a piece of a BBC show. But while parody and satire may be protected from copyright laws, raising money to fund it isn't. And Richey had to learn that the hard way. Richey, who produced other Web series like ...

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Preview: 'Awake' Is Like Two Series In One

Jason Isaacs easily sheds his Harry Potter facade to take on fascinating new project

Television is full of copied formulas. You know, the singing competition show, the police procedural, the musical, and did I mention the police procedural? Each one has some minor unique property to it, but deep down, it's pretty similar to any other successful show you or someone you know is wat ...

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Lost 'Star Trek' Script From Norman Spinrad Found

Writer is now offering fans a chance to read the script even he didn't like

It was meant to be a vehicle designed for actor Milton Berle. Instead, it ended up in Gene Roddenberry's wastebasket -- at the insistence of the original scribe -- and was considered lost forever. But now a lost "Star Trek" script is back, and despite his feelings on it, Norman Spinrad wants to e ...

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Your First Look At NBC's 'Awake'Can the network find its next hit here?


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Quick Death Of 'The Firm' Opens Doors For 'Awake'

Series stars Harry Potter favorite Jason Isaacs

Can you get used to seeing Jason Isaacs without the long blond hair? You will within minutes of the debut of "Awake," an alternate universe-style crime drama that NBC will hope and pray will become a much-needed hit. "Awake" is set to debut March 1 in a Thursday 10 p.m. timeslot that neither "Pri ...

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'Chuck' - Chuck Versus The Good-bye

The ending to the series that 'Chuck' really deserves

This episode of "Chuck," the series finale, takes place two weeks after "Chuck vs. Sarah." Quinn (Angus Macfadyen) is on a plane, looking to buy a key (well actually, three pieces that make up a key) that will fix the Intersect and allow it to be reprogrammed. Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) has snuck ...

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