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NBC Will Not Air 'The Cape' Finale

No official decision has been made on the series but its future does not look good

Although NBC has yet to confirm the fate of "The Cape" it now looks like this will be the only season the series will have as the network confirms it will not air the season finale. Plans to air the final episode of the season -- and possibly of the series -- have be scrapped and instead the epis ...

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'Chuck' - Versus The Masquerade

Why this episode wasn't shown on Valentine's Day is more a mystery than the actual mystery

This review may contain spoilers. With the long, arced approach to series well in place in "Chuck," and we are starting to see the benefits of the many developments that have already taken place; we knew that even though Volkoff himself was killed, we were not done with the empire he created. The ...

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... And We're Back (Mostly)

Michael Hinman addresses Airlock Alpha downtime, and gives glimpse into future

If I were a master of understatement, I would call what happened the past couple of weeks a hiccup. But if you've been with us for any length of time, you know better than that. What we had was a catastrophic meltdown. Airlock Alpha, Rabid Doll and Inside Blip left the Internet for about a do ...

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'Fringe' - Entrada

All is right in the worlds again, but that doesn't necessarily mean all is well.

This review may contain spoilers. If you had trouble figuring it out from the plot of the episode, the word entrada basically means an entrance or a way in. Walternate (John Noble) wants a way into our side, and up until this point, Fauxlivia (Anna Torv) has been finding her way into our Frin ...

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'The Event' - To Keep Us Safe

Surviving a plane crash does not guarantee survival with so many hidden agendas to be served

This article may contain spoilers. Following last week's climatic ending where a plane literally disappeared before our eyes, this week revealed that the plane reappeared in the Arizona desert -- thousands of miles away from the Florida compound where it had been about to crash. With everyone's l ...

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'The Event' Helps Genre Shows Keep Pace With Last Year

Schedule is lighter, but audiences seem to be virtually the same

The last couple of years, September has introduced what has become a perennial question: Is science-fiction on network television dead? Well, save the eulogies. At least for now. The audience for genre television still isn't growing, but it's not shrinking either. The first full week of networ ...

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'Constantine': Trailer

New NBC series based on DC's "Hellblazer'; it premieres Oct. 24


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NBC Orders Futuristic Prison Drama 'Paradise'

The network has given the project a put pilot commitment

NBC has ordered a pilot for "Paradise," a drama set in a futuristic prison environment. The show will be written by popular novelist and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith, and produced by Greg Berlanti, Deadline reports. "Paradise" takes place in late 21st century Las Vegas, which is now the world' ...

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'Revolution' Pulls In Patrick Heusinger In New Role

Actor appeared in 'Gossip Girl,' 'Black Swan'

What caused the blackout that forced humanity to live without electricity for more than a decade? Producers for NBC's hit series "Revolution" are promising answers in the second season, which premieres in the fall. But first, they are revealing new blood. Patrick Heusinger, who had been set t ...

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'Revolution' Leaves North Carolina For ... Texas?

Lack of filming locations cited in need to move

"Revolution" is now in pre-production for its second season, but will be starting in a new home for the third time. In a letter to local crew members based around Wilmington, showrunner Eric Kripke announced that production for the NBC show is going to move from North Carolina to Texas. "This ...

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