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'Doctor Who' - Day Of The Moon

Didn't they forget something ... like an explaination to the week before?

This review may contain spoilers. After an intense and thoroughly exciting episode last week, “Day Of The Moon” skips over the conclusion to the gasp-educing cliff-hanger of “The Impossible Astronaut” and cuts right to the chase. The overall tone of the episode is distinctively differ ...

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Updated: 'Sarah Jane Adventures' Will Not Continue Without Sladen

Writer sets the record straight on 'Sarah Jane' future

British tabloid The Sun recently reported that the "Doctor Who" spin-off series "The Sarah Jane Adventures" is likely to continue production on its fifth season without Sladen, insisting that writers will find a way to explain her absence for the remainder of the season. "Writers will find a way ...

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'Miracle Day' Will Re-Establish 'Torchwood'

New viewers will not be lost when 'Torchwood' arrives on Starz this summer

This July, "Torchwood" will be crossing the Atlantic for what is being described as a bigger, bolder new idea thanks to a partnership with Starz and BBC. Produced under a new development deal and filmed in the United States, fans have been wondering how much of the series will change and how much ...

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UK Ratings Slip For 'Doctor Who'

However, season premiere ratings are bumped into healthier numbers

The season premiere of "Doctor Who" initially proved to be a disappointment ratings-wise in the UK, and its latest episode has seen the figures slide further. "The Day Of The Moon," which concluded the Doctor's adventures in the United States, attracted only 5.4 million viewers to the UK's BBC On ...

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'Doctor Who' Struggles In UK, Soars In US

Sixth season premiere sets a new BBC America record

"Doctor Who" is back, and just like at Christmas the series will air on BBC America on the same day as its premiere in the United Kingdom. In its launch night, "The Impossible Astronaut" struggled to pull in viewers in the United Kingdom and settled on approximately 6.5 million viewers. While tha ...

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'Doctor Who' - The Impossible Astronaut

Back with a bang, 'Doctor Who' has more fizz

This review may contain spoilers. Filming in America suits "Doctor Who" and "The Impossible Astronaut" was bigger, bolder and more exciting than ever. From the very beginning, it is clear that this would be on a scale of any other episode the series has offered, showcasing some spectacular vis ...

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'Doctor Who' Writer: Matt Smith Is Old

Scribe talks about his thoughts on the latest incarnation

Matt Smith may be the oldest Time Lord in command of the Tardis but, according to writer Neil Gaiman, the actor is also the first to genuinely feel like a 900-year old alien being. "I think Matt does something that nobody else has ever done in that his Doctor feels old," Gaimen said, according to ...

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BBC's 'Outcasts' May Conclude As A Novel

Series creator outlines his plans for cancelled second season

BBC's "Outcasts" was ambitious. Some might even say it was too ambitious for some people as the series was quickly canceled after only a single 8-episode season but plans are underway to conclude the story of the Carpathian colonists. But if you're hoping for that conclusion to take place on-s ...

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'Torchwood' Has Bigger Budget, Higher Quality

Series will not be toned down for American audience

He’s always said that the 21st century is when everything changes ... and this year will be a massive change for BBC’s “Torchwood.” The popular “Doctor Who” spin-off is not only making the jump to America thanks to a production deal with Starz, but according to series star John Barrow ...

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'Doctor Who' Is Scarier Than Ever

The new season will have more thrillers, chillers and scares

Since the first season of the revitalized series, Steve Moffat held the crown for writing the scariest episodes. "The Empty Child" was a thriller, and "Blink" is still amongst the most terrifying episodes of the series … but now he has a new villain to top them all. Known only as The Silence ...

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